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A review of Feminine Wear. Thank you, Tamsin

"Fabulous customer service, really quick dispatch, I felt treated!!!"

"I received my order exactly in a week, and I live in Canada. I love my new small Lunette. The promotional material is great and very informative and fun. I love the whole package!!! :)"
"Not only have I been given excellent advice and help on the facebook page but I only ordered from Feminine Wear yesterday afternoon and received my items this morning!! The photos of the pads look lovely but the quality of the Mimi's Dreams feel absolutely glorious and they look even nicer in person! I loved the free pen [my fiance always steals mine, hopefully he'll leave this one alone!!] and the love hearts!! Thanks again, such wonderful customer service I would definitely [actually I already have!] recommend you and was showing all my bump buddies the pictures of my new pads, they're all jealous!!"
"Dear Teresa, thank you for all the leaflets - they arrived this morning with a thump on the floor! I didn't expect so many but I'll do my best to spread the word around my area. If I need more I'll give you a shout! Thanks again:D"
"Real easy to order and stupidly fast delivery. Fantastic touches like Lovehearts in with the order makes it feel so much more personal. Would recommend to any1 and will always come back."
"Easy to order off the website, fast delivery and I live in the US, loved it! Plan to order more from her soon!"
"WOW, best company EVER ordered from. Teresa is such a lovely lady and her prices are very reasonable when you consider how much profit shes getting (not a lot lol) shes very considerate and will reserve a product if you really want it. shes a pleasure to do business with. Delivery is exceptionally speedy (usually next day if ordered before 5pm). Thanks Teresa for making it a pleasure to do business with you."
"A friendly and helpful service with a fantastic range of products. Order arrived promptly and any problems were dealt with quickly. Very impressed!"
"I've ordered several times and the products have always arrived very promptly, and any queries or slight glitches have been dealt with personally and efficiently. Excellent. I haven't even mentioned the free giveaways!"
"Wonderful products which have been a total life-saver and are also deeply charming and strikingly comfortable. Fantastic service, also, including free shipping to mainland UK, which has meant buying more pads in ones or twos when I have some spare money entirely doable. And the complimentary little packets of Love Hearts are just adorable. It feels like this is a company that actually cares about their customers and sincerely wants all menstruating people to have a more pleasant, easy, environmentally friendly and fun time of it. Can't think off-hand of any way it could be improved. :-)"
"Great service! Super fast shipping to the US!"
"The level of customer service cannot be beaten. Support in choosing products and super quick delivery time. Fantastic."
"The service was very good, and the products were first class. You can clearly see that a great deal of thought and effort has been put into the products..."
"Fantastic products, fantastic service. How I wish I had discovered all this stuff 30 years ago!"
"The service is always: excellent, fast, and we love the sweeties! ;-)"
"Absolutely amazing! Every order I have made has been sent out promptly and has been wonderful. Such a variety of products and excellent prices."
"I just want to say a quick thank you for the fast delivery of my medium purple Meluna cup (ring stem), I love it and I can't wait to try it out. I don't know what else to say, fast shipping, excellent prices, and just a wonderful company.
P.S. Thanks for the sweets :)"
"I love my meluna cup, very affordable even with shipping. It only took a week & a day to arrive to Alabama USA. I will recommend you to friends.
Update: I won a Domino Pad & a fleur cup. Once again I received super quick shipping. The fleur cup is nice seems like the size & shape of a Lunette but softer, and more flexible. The Domino pad is amazingly comfortable."
"Woah! the Domino's pad feels fantastic, super soft velvet and fleece. I will be back for more!. Thanks for the extras too! Just makes me want to come back for more....."
"Love dealing with this shop and recommend it to anyone and everyone - quick delivery and I'm in Australia. I just wish I needed to buy more stuff."
"fast service again, I also got 2 leaflets with my order which I gave to my flatmate who is gunna check out your website. I did my good deed."
"I received my order the day after placing it, such super speedy and friendly service :o)
Not often you get such fabby service and friendly communication too."
"I just received my first order and I love it! A small violet MeLuna cup and cherry print Angelpadz pantyliner. Bye bye disposable products :-) These are fantastic!
I also adored the extra touch of sweets and a pen with my order, 5 stars for that! I'll definitely be putting in future orders."
"Wow!!!! I ordered last Friday and it came on Thursday! So fast!!! And perfect timing. Thank you! :)"
"I placed my 1st order last week & it arrived the next day with a lovely addition of a pen & sweets. I've never used a menstrual cup before but I can honestly say the Meluna cup is the best thing I've ever used. It never leaked & I never knew it was there, so easy to use. Thankyou Teresa for such a wonderful service & products, I've already placed another order with you xx"

I've received my 2nd order, fantastic quality, thankyou for the free gifts again Teresa xx
"Just received another order today, again I'm very happy with it, the speed & service are brilliant, thanks Teresa x"
"Fantastic company to deal with :) Cheap prices......... fast postage and free sweets with your order,,,,,,,,,,,,,, what more can I ask for ? I will be purchasing more from here :)"
"Another great ordering experience, with fast delivery, careful packing and lovely thoughtful touches. I almost forgot to mention affordable, too! I look forward to ordering next time =)"
"The website is easy to use and plenty of information to help choose. Excellent communications. Extremely fast delivery. I will definitely return to shop here again."
"Perfect package, fast delivery and every time I received a nice extra (candies, and this time a pen too!). Wonderful customer care. Feminine Wear gives women the chance to choose! :) Keep up Teresa!"
"Very friendly, quick service with excellent prices and product selection! Highly recommend! :)"
"I ordered my first cup from Feminine Wear about half a year ago and it came promptly on time with the lovely addition of a bit of candy and a decent, affordable price. I was SO pleased! I have never, ever dealt with a better run business in my life. I definitely plan on buying again. Even my boyfriend wishes there was something he could buy from Feminine Wear. :)"
"Wonderful lady with fantastic customer service! I was a little shy at first but she replied all my questions real quick! My order was processed almost immediately. I'm unfortunately still waiting for my cup to arrive, it's slower because it's being shipped to Russia~ Can't wait to use it! XD
Edit: My LottosCup came today, exactly 28 days later, packaged discreetly, and with some yummy Lovehearts! :D Thank you, will not hesitate to buy from you again! :D"
"Feminine Wear comes highly recomended. I just wish other online stores were as helpful, speedy and friendly as this one."
"Excellent service! Great choice and democratic prices:) Good wishes to Teresa:)))"
"Feminine Wear is GREAT! Such a loving and caring company that cares so much for their customers. Great prices and shipping to the US is very reasonable and QUICK!
I have been really enjoying my MeLuna for several months now and I'll never look back! I will always turn to them when I need anything else of this nature. :)"
"Excellent products that have made a big difference to my life! Friendly and approachable customer service! Arrives very quick too."
"I love my new stuff, can't wait to try it out! And it was shipped out immediately. Great service!"

"I love Feminine Wear, great customer service, great prices, great deals, and great customer advice too. 4 stars to Feminine Wear."

"Excellent customer service and quick dispatch. I'd highly recommend this website."

"Fast shipping, excellent prices, and a wonderful variety of items. I absolutely LOVE Feminine Wear!!!!"

"I just received my small Me Luna with a ring and I absolutely love it! I don't even have my period yet but wanted to try it out. I can't feel it at all and couldn't even feel it when I put it in! Thank you so much for your fast service and amazing prices. Also, the candy and the pen is such a sweet touch. I will be recommending you to all of my female friends and family!"

"I can't believe how fast I received my order. I got the medium MeLuna in blue and some Milton sterilizing tablets. I will definitely order from this site from now on. Love the cup and now I love this site."

"Just got my order, 6 days after I placed it! So fast!! Thanks so much, I am very impressed. Hopefully this cup works out well for me. Thanks again for the awesome and fast service. :)"

"I just wanted to say thanks! The customer service has been AMAZING. My order was shipped out in less than 12 hours. This is one of the best internet shopping experiences I have had in a long time. I can't wait until my Meluna cup arrives."