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Si-Bell Menstrual Cups
Our Price: £15.50

Si-Bell Economic comes in a clear plastic bag. It does not come with a pouch, box or instructions.
Si-Bell Normal comes in a box, with instructions. The clear comes with a cotton pouch and the pink comes with a silicone pouch.

SI-BELL is a menstrual cup made of soft medical grade silicone.

It has been designed to be folded and inserted into your vagina, suiting the unique shape of each woman.

What is the SI-BELL and why should I use it?

SI-BELL is an economic and eco-friendly solution facing the increasing consumption of tampons during menstrual periods.

Hypoallergenic and latex free, the menstrual cup is made of 100% silicone.

Reusable and sterilizable, its soft material let you feel comfortable, without any sensation of discomfort in your vagina.

Ideal when doing sport and without any risk of leakage, SI-BELL offers you an economic and hygienic solution.

Simple to use, easy to insert and to remove, Si-Bell allows you to follow and to analyse your menstrual flow.


Cup length  - small 74 mm / large 74 mm 
Stem length  - small 27 mm / large 22 mm
External diameter - small 41 mm / large 46 mm 
Made from 100% medical grade silicone platinium 
Made in the European Union

How to choose your SI-BELL?

Two sizes are available: Small and Large. The choice of the size is defined by two criteria: your age and your maternal history

Choose size Small if:
you are under 30 years old
you are under 30 years old and have given birth by caesarean section

Choose size Large if:
you are over 30 years old
you are under 30 years old and have given birth vaginally

Instructions are not supplied with the Si-Bell Economic Menstrual Cup. Download the user guide by clicking on the image below

Si-Bell Menstrual Cup User Guide - English

Customer Reviews
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Reviewer: Aine from    5 Stars
This is my favourite cup of the ones I've tried - I used a Keeper (size B/small) and then a UK Mooncup, both sizes, and then after having a child the big mooncup started being uncomfortable and not holding enough. The Si-Bell is comfortably soft, and has just enough extra space that it doesn't leak (I think the problem was blood being displaced by my cervix) but without being too long. It takes slightly more effort to pop open than the stiffer cups but it's not difficult to do so.

Reviewer: Jenni from Northern Ireland   5 Stars
This is the fourth cup I've bought and its definitely fourth time lucky! I have a very heavy flow, far too heavy for my Me Luna Medium and Mooncup. I bought a Lunette size 2 and found it far too firm and painful. I was about to give up on cups-Then I saw a review for the Si Bell and decided to try it. Amazing! It's nice and soft, yet catches my flow with no leaks! I've seen a few people say it's hard to open but I just use a basic C-fold with my leg up on the toilet, let it open low in my vagina and then push it up. I can't even feel it when its in!

Reviewer: Tracey from Exeter   5 Stars
This is my first menstrual cup and I have only used it for one cycle. I need a cup with a long stem as I have a very high cervix. I had a few problems removing it the first time but have found the classic tampon position (one foot on the loo) best for me for both insertion and removal. No leaks, no problems with it opening and no problems removing after the first time and getting the position right. I may have found my "goldilocks" cup first time!

Reviewer: Sarah from US   5 Stars

Reviewer: Cat from London, UK   5 Stars
So far, this is my favorite cup I've ever tried. The silicone is really good quality, and it's quite soft. This might mean it takes a little more practice to learn to insert for beginners, but if you're scared of the stiffer cups with strong suction, this might be a winner for you! I went with it because I'm young but have a very heavy flow, so I wanted to try a large cup, and I was hoping a very soft one might help make it fit better. This works pretty well for me! It's also the easiest cup to clean I've ever had because it doesn't have any embossed writing or designs on it. I wish more cups were smooth!

Reviewer: Nienke B from Netherlands   5 Stars
I'm very happy with this cup. I couldn't order him in the Netherlands so I found femininewear. I've the large cup in pink. The cup is soft but pops open easily. Also removing isn't difficult with the long stem. I needed that ;-). So I'm very happy!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reviewer: Shaz from East Midlands   5 Stars
I was after a particular menstural cup after using the moon cup I wasn't keen as it was not so flexi which made things a little uncomfortable down there so I decided After alot of research that I purchase the si-bell (large)and my gosh it fast delivery and the cup is lovely and squishy! Sadly tho being a newbe to the cups" and being a mum of 4 some how it seemed bit big for me didn't open up right etc..(but everyone's different) so I came back here and ordered a small can't wait!!! (-:

Reviewer: Helen from Midlands   5 Stars
After having issues with the Mooncup (constant leaking, pain etc), I decided to try a softer cup. I was worried it might not work for me as I have strong pelvic floor muscles, but thankfully it's been brilliant! No leaks, easy to fold (labia fold works perfectly for me) and insert, very comfortable and a good capacity. I would really recommend this cup to anyone who's struggled with other brands.

Reviewer: Lottie from East Midlands   4 Stars
I love this cup. It it certainly one of the softest cups I have come across, but that works for me. I would recommend this as a first cup, just because it is quite soft and the rim isn't so prominent. I gave it four stars as it hasn't got any grips on the actual cup, only on the stem. This isn't a problem for me as I did keep the stem on mine, but it is definitely something to consider. The other reason I gave it four stars is because it doesn't pop open very well as it is so squishy, however I found this rather easy to fix just by pulling it down a bit and pushing it back up so not a major drawback. It's fairly easy to remove, again because it's so soft. Overall I would recommend this cup if you prefer cups with less resistance.

Reviewer: Rachel from Scotland   5 Stars
I switched from using the Naturalmamma cup to the pink Si-bell. I've only been using cups for about 6 months - and all of my leakage issues have vanished with the Si-bell! I love the fact it is soft, so removal is not uncomfortable at all. From day 1 I have not had any leaks. I'm not sure why this is the case but I guess the shape of the Si-bell must just suit me better. I was previously having leaks despite my other cup being unfolded fully. I use the half diamond fold and as long as I've made sure it has unfolded - no problems at all. Suddenly periods are a breeze!

Reviewer: Celia from Scotland   5 Stars
I bought this cup as my 3rd cup and as a relative newbie & got to be honest I found it quite difficult to use as I opening was problematic for me .......... Fast forward a few months to a more experienced me - this cup is amazing , opens easily every time with labia fold is soft , comfortable , leak free and such a pretty shade of pink ....... So my initial problems weren't the cup they were totally down to user error - a fantastic cup !

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