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Ruby Cup Menstrual Cups
Ruby Cup Menstrual Cups
Ruby Cup Menstrual Cups
Ruby Cup Menstrual Cups
Ruby Cup Menstrual Cups
Ruby Cup Menstrual Cups
Our Price: £23.50

Ruby Cup: Because all women deserve the best

Ruby Cup is a healthy, high quality and eco-friendly menstrual cup made out of 100% Medical Grade Silicone. Ruby Cup is reusable for up to 10 years and you can go up to 12 hours without emptying it. Every Ruby Cup comes with a small, 100% cotton bag for storage.

"Buy One Give One" and keep girls in schools
Girls living in poverty can't afford menstrual hygiene products. Scared of leaking in public, they stay home from school during their period, missing about 20% of their school-time.
With every Ruby Cup purchase, a Ruby Cup is given to a schoolgirl in need. One Ruby Cup is reusable for up to 10 years, meaning that she can pursue her education freely without worrying about her period. For Kenyan school girls, 1 Ruby Cup means 10 years of worry free periods and being able to fully commit to her education.

Ruby Cup is worn internally to collect menstrual fluid during your period. Unlike a tampon, Ruby Cup does not absorb menstrual fluid. This removes some causes of dryness and reduces the risk of leftover fibers, ultimately making Ruby Cup a more healthy solution for maintaining the vaginal bacteria balance.
Each Ruby Cup is made of 100% high quality medical-grade silicone, making it a healthy alternative suitable for all girls and women. Ruby Cup contains no harmful chemicals, absorbency gels, additives, or perfumes. There are no side effects nor Toxic Shock Syndrome associated with Ruby Cup.

During your period, Ruby Cup is inserted and emptied with a frequency that depends on the heaviness of your menstrual flow. Ruby Cup can be worn for up to 12 hours—which means that for many women and girls, the cup does not have to be emptied during an entire school or work day. This allows you to empty, clean, and re-insert the cup in the privacy of your own home. When inserted correctly, Ruby Cup creates a vacuum—or suction—so it does not leak, freeing you from worries of staining your clothes.

Money saving
Buying a Ruby Cup is an affordable alternative to buying disposable menstrual hygiene products. It is a one-time investment that can last up to 10 years, if used correctly. With Ruby Cup, you will no longer have to buy pads or tampons every month.

On average, a woman uses 11,000 tampons/pads in her lifetime. When you buy a Ruby Cup, you make a positive environmental impact by completely eliminating the waste of disposable sanitary products!


•The cup should be used only for menstruation
•It is not a contraceptive and must not be used as such
•The cup is yours only - don't share it with anybody else!
•Remember to wash your hands before inserting or emptying the cup
•If you wish to clean your cup, boil it for 5 minutes and it is disinfected
•Never wash the cup in contaminated water - this can cause infections

Ruby Cup is made of 100% FDA approved medical-grade silicone, a hygienic anti-bacterial material with no side effects. Ruby Bag is made of 100% cotton.

Ruby Cup have a special focus of making Ruby Cup affordable to girls and women in developing countries who today struggle every month to afford conventional sanitary products. In these markets, Ruby Cup is distributed and sold through a network of female entrepreneurs in order to create local employment. We work in cooperation with partners on the ground who help us educate and distribute Ruby Cup in their local environments.

At the same time, you can purchase a Ruby Cup online, and directly support Ruby Cup's mission and outreach to women and girls in developing markets, while enjoying the great benefits of using Ruby Cup yourself.

Ruby Cup comes in two sizes, small and medium. Ruby Cup small is recommended for girls and women with a light flow and Ruby Cup Medium for women with a medium to heavy flow. 

Ruby Cup Measurements Cup Length Stem Length Total Length Diameter Capacity to the Holes Capacity to the Rim Material
Small 46mm 19mm 65mm 40mm 19ml 24ml Medical Grade silicone
Medium 51mm 17mm 68mm 45mm 24ml 34ml Medical Grade silicone


Ruby Cup Menstrual Cup from Kenya

Customer Reviews
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Reviewer: Darcy from Wolverhampton   5 Stars
Just finished my period using the ruby cup, and I can say it was the most pleasant period I've had in nine years! It didn't leak once, it was simple to put in and take out too. I forgot I was on my period up until I changed it every ten hours. I never write reviews for anything, but the ruby cup deserves a 5* review !!

Reviewer: B from Netherlands   5 Stars
I used to use the lunette cup, but for my heavy days, I felt the diameter and the sucktion just wasn't right. This cup solved those issues for me, it is quite a big cup, but easy to get in with some aloe vera gel. I could use it even though i have a low cervix. The cup is a really cute bright fushia pink, the silicone feels really nice and you girls in africa to a cup aswell.

Reviewer: Stef from Germany   5 Stars
I have tried different cups and I think I'll stick with the Ruby Cup. The small has a great shape for me, it is short and the bottom is round, but not too flat. It has a nice capacity for its size. The silicone is soft and has a nice frosted finish, which is not sticky at all. I can't comment on the stem, but it is easy to remove without one. The griprings are helpful with that eventhough they feel quite smooth. The cup isn't irritating at all and despite it's softness is not too hard to open.

Reviewer: Patricija Lisovska from Odense, Denmark   5 Stars
One of my favorites, I bought it when they offered only one size a while back, and it is very good for those strong days. Cup is very comfortable, silicone is very nice, had no issues with this cup. Oh, it might be uncomfortable to insert/remove for those who have very tight muscles, but once you get used to the cup it is good. It is quite firm.

Reviewer: Justine from WV, USA   5 Stars
I love this cup. I went on a bit of a binge when I first started using cups and hastily bought up every kind I could. From the Diva to the Yuuki to the Sckoon. I purchased the Ruby Cup because it was said to be the highest quality silicone that you could buy and I'm a fan of quality. When I first touched this cup I hoped we were going to be friends. I have an extremely low cervix that makes it hard for me to wear longer cups like the Diva. I also don't have the ability to do dry runs with my cups, I am on a birth control that gives me random sporadic cycles that can last for 20+ days(the reason I looked into cups, 3+ boxes of tampons a period were expensive) but also gives me the worst vaginal dryness when I am not menstruating. Long story short I had to wait close to 2 months before I could use this cup. First run, worked like a dream was easy to insert with the 7fold method and the punch down. I didn't leak but I could feel the stem(sadly I can feel all of my stems except the Sckoon) so I had to trim it completely, other than that the cup fit wonder oust with my cervix. The grip rings on this cup are not very prominent so if you are inexperienced I would leave a nub of stem to guide you but I had no issues whatsoever getting this cup out again. All in all, this company creates a great product that is helping women have safer, greener, cleaner menstrual care. Thanks for reading!

Reviewer: Teddi from London   5 Stars
I bought this cup as my first cup after falling in love with the nature of the Ruby Cup company. I thought that a one size cup would be better than a sized cup as a first time try. First impressions are really great with this cup. Nice silicone, great grips on the stem. Unfortunately, I have had to cut most of the stem off, but I'm totally in love with the grippy dots. The cup has a good capacity and works really well for me in a punch down fold. I have worn this for day and through the night and have had no leaks whatsoever. Really great cup! Not quite my Goldilocks, but a really good cup nonetheless.

Reviewer: Elancee from Arizona, USA   5 Stars
The Ruby Cup is my goldilocks! After trying more cups than I could keep track of, this is the one that fits and works the best for me. In a youtube review Teresa calls it "luxurious" and it is. The Ruby has about the same flexibility/softness as the Sckoon cup, the stem is firm but short enough (and trimmable) so not an issue. Easily inserted, no leaks. I'm a happy Cupper!

Reviewer: Bryony from Kingston   5 Stars
Lovely cup! Feels like it's made from really good quality silicone. I was bit worried because it has a diameter of about 45mm and I'm only 15 so i thought i would have trouble inserting it. Non at all! popped open very easily and has a good capacity (about 20ml) Great cup!!!

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