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Merula Menstrual Cups
Merula Menstrual Cups
Merula Menstrual Cups
Merula Menstrual Cups
Merula Menstrual Cups
Merula Menstrual Cups
Our Price: £23.50
The Merula menstrual cup has been designed and made in Germany.

It is made from 100% medical silicone. 

The novelty of this menstrual cup:
There is only one size model in which the stem consists of rings that can be individually cut and adapted to the particular cervix height or to the required length. 

The Merula Cup is available in 6 different colours - Strawberry (red), Apple (green), Mermaid (blue), Sun (yellow), Ice (white) and Midnight (black). 

The Merula is packaged in a box with:
The Merula Menstrual cup
storage bag

Length with one ring cut: 72mm 
length with two rings cut  61mm 
length with three rings cut: 50mm 
diameter of the rim: 40mm 
diameter of the body: 46mm
length of the body without stem: 39mm 
capacity: 38ml


Customer Reviews
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Reviewer: Alyssia from Flint, Michigan, United States   5 Stars
THIS CUP IS AMAZING! It's firm with no suction release holes, so the cup never leaks because the seal is incredible. I swam on my heaviest day wearing this, and no leaks! I'm stunned! It's firm, so my body doesn't crush it and short so it works BEAUTIFULLY with a low cervix. The stem isn't irritating, and is actually very strong, with a lot of leverage. What's more? The capacity is unbelievable. :DD This cup came with a box with instructions in many languages, including English; a very adorable strawberry bag (I bought the pink one); And a small candy from FeminineWear. :) After a year & 5 cups later, I finally have my Goldilocks Cup. I'm so happy! Thank you FeminineWear & Merula! <3

Reviewer: Ashleigh from Norwich, UK   5 Stars
I'm new to cups and, after trying and loving the MeLuna I was intrigued by the Merula - mainly due to it's increased volume and different shape. I have only used it for one cycle but have absolutely fallen hook, line and sinker for it. I can easily leave it in between 10 and 12 hours on my heaviest of days, I don't have to worry about changing it at work... it's great. So great I'm going to be ordering a second one in a different colour because it is certainly my Goldilocks cup. I was a bit daunted by the size and shape of it - but honestly I feel it less than I do with a more V/U shaped cup. It pops easily and I'm one very happy customer!

Reviewer: AM from USA   4 Stars
I have tried around 10 cups over the last 8 years, and this one is the best I've tried so far. I like the fishbowl shape of it - it allows it to have a fairly large capacity, while the cup portion is still short, a huge plus. It's fairly firm, and lacks holes, so I get a good seal. This would be a 5 star, perfect cup if it could hold another 5+ mL.

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