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Me Luna Soft Shorty Menstrual Cup - Cyan - Ball Style
Our Price: £12.00
There are 4 “normal” sizes of Me Luna and now 4 SHORTY sizes. 
Shorty S has the same diameter as normal size S. 
Shorty M has the same diameter as normal M. 
Shorty L has the same diameter as normal L. 
Shorty XL has the same diameter as normal XL.

The length is 30% shorter than the normal Me Luna. 

Me Luna Soft - it's very soft, suitable for very sensitive women. It is a little more difficult to use.

Me Luna menstrual cups are made in Germany. They are small, cup like sanitary products for women - an environmentally friendly alternative to disposable pads or sanitary towels. They are made from Thermoplastic Elastomer, also known as TPE. 

The Soft cups are made from 25% softer TPE than the normal Classic Me Luna menstrual cups 
Me Luna soft menstrual cups are available in:
8 sizes – small, medium, large and XL, plus shorty versions of each size
4 styles - basic style, ball style, ring style and stem style
4 colours – pink, cyan, yellow and silver glitter

Each menstrual cup comes with a Me Luna purple microfibre bag.

Me Luna Measurements Basic Length Ring Length Ball Length Stem Length Diameter Capacity
(to the holes)
(to the rim)
Small 45mm 55mm 53mm 57mm 38mm 15ml 23ml
Medium  48mm 60mm 57mm 61mm 41mm 20ml 28ml
Large 51mm 66mm 62mm 66mm 44mm 24ml 34ml
XL 56mm 69mm 65mm 71mm 47mm 30ml 42ml
SHORTY Small 35mm 45mm 42mm 47mm 38mm 8ml 15ml
SHORTY Medium 38mm 48mm 45mm 51mm 41mm 10ml 18ml
SHORTY Large 41mm 52mm 48mm 55mm 44mm 14ml 22ml
SHORTY XL 44mm 55mm 52mm 59mm 47mm 16ml 27ml

Customer Reviews
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Reviewer: Laura from Hampshire   5 Stars
After doing a lot of reading, I decided to try the Me Luna Soft Shorty Menstrual cup for a couple of reasons (my own health and in order to help the environment.) I couldn't be happier with the speed or discretion in the delivery of my products. I am also pleasantly surprised with the cup itself. My reading told me to be prepared to try a couple of different styles prior to finding one which worked for me but I seem to have found one straight away. The first time I put it in was a little tricky, but as soon as I did, I found it to be comfortable and soon forgot about it. The little ball is small enough that it can't be felt when in, but then really helped me with removing it. I am very pleased overall. Although I would definitely recommend this, I would also recommend doing some reading up prior to purchase. There are so many different cups out there and I think it is worthwhile trying to find out what will work best for you.

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