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Me Luna Soft Menstrual Cup - Pink - Ball Style
Our Price: £12.00

Me Luna Soft - it's very soft, suitable for very sensitive women. It is a little more difficult to use.

Me Luna menstrual cups are made in Germany. They are small, cup like sanitary products for women - an environmentally friendly alternative to disposable pads or sanitary towels. They are made from Thermoplastic Elastomer, also known as TPE. 

The soft cup are made from 25% softer TPE than the normal Classic Me Luna menstrual cups

Me Luna soft menstrual cups are available in:
8 sizes – small, medium, large and XL, plus shorty versions of each size
4 styles - basic style, ball style, ring style and stem style
4 colours – pink, cyan, yellow and silver glitter

Me Luna Measurements Basic Length Ring Length Ball Length Stem Length Diameter Capacity
(to the holes)
(to the rim)
Small 45mm 55mm 53mm 57mm 38mm 15ml 23ml
Medium  48mm 60mm 57mm 61mm 41mm 20ml 28ml
Large 51mm 66mm 62mm 66mm 44mm 24ml 34ml
XL 56mm 69mm 65mm 71mm 47mm 30ml 42ml
SHORTY Small 35mm 45mm 42mm 47mm 38mm 8ml 15ml
SHORTY Medium 38mm 48mm 45mm 51mm 41mm 10ml 18ml
SHORTY Large 41mm 52mm 48mm 55mm 44mm 14ml 22ml
SHORTY XL 44mm 55mm 52mm 59mm 47mm 16ml 27ml

Customer Reviews
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Reviewer: Lindsay from USA   5 Stars
Due to some health issues that cause me to bleed just about every day, I figured it would be cheaper in the long run to invest in a menstrual cup rather than buying a box of tampons every single month. I did some research and decided to give the Meluna cup a go. Based on the quiz I took on Meluna's site, it was determined that the medium cup would be ideal for me, and I went with the Soft cup since I didn't want anything too stiff like the Classic cup, but I'm also not very physically active and was concerned the Sporty cup would be too soft. Verdict? I do like the Meluna cup a lot... when it works. Strangely, the first time I tried it, it worked perfectly. It popped right into place and did its job. But as my cycle progressed, I had more and more trouble with it. The issues I seem to have with the Meluna cup are that it sometimes doesn't unfold when it's inserted, that I cannot keep it folded while inserting it, and sometimes I just plain cannot get it far up enough to properly work. The instructions that accompany the cup show three different ways in which to fold said cup in order to insert it, and I've found that the folds that make for the most comfortable insertion are also the ones that are less likely to unfold once the cup is inside. What usually winds up happening for me is the cup pops open when I'm in the process of putting it in, meaning I have to force it in, which can be painful. It can also result in the cup going in at an angle, thus making it impossible to position properly, meaning I have to yank it out and insert it yet again. If the cup doesn't unfold once it's been inserted, it can lead to leaking, meaning I have to sit in the bathroom and either repeatedly attempt to insert the cup or root around inside my body trying to determine if the cup has unfolded yet. I have zero issues removing the cup - sometimes, due to the position of my cervix, it's very high up inside me, but bearing down a little bit brings the handle of the cup down far enough for me to grasp it and take it out. Other times, when my cervix is sitting very low, I feel as though the cup is about to fall out of me and sometimes it causes some discomfort and pinching when it's hanging low. Maybe I'm having all this trouble because this is my first time ever using a menstrual cup, but just from my experience so far with the Meluna cup, I would say that it's something I don't feel comfortable wearing outside of the house. If I need to sit in the bathroom for 15-20 minutes trying to simply insert and position the cup, it's not something I can confidently wear to work or when I go out with friends because everyone will be wondering why I'm in the bathroom for so long. I don't feel as though I need a smaller cup because when I get mine in correctly, I don't even know it's there and it works like a charm. It's just difficult to make it work properly. Like I said, beautiful product... when it works.

Reviewer: Karen Nolan from USA   5 Stars
I'm so happy to have gotten the Meluna cup -- we don't have it in the US, which is extremely annoying, so I was thrilled to find it at Feminine Wear, and a great price, even with shipping cost. (It arrived quickly, btw.) I most like that the Meluna comes in XL and has such a high capacity -- that is why I wanted it, for extra security on my heavy day. Compared to the Diva cup, which I think is the most common cup here, the Meluna is a bit stiffer, which I thought would make it pop open more easily; however, I've had some trouble getting it to open up once inserted. Insertion is also much more difficult than the Diva, which is pretty easy, thus the 4 instead of 5 stars. (The Diva is made of a slightly different material, which makes it go in more smoothly.) I'm using it, though, and it's worth the extra effort, and I think that once I get more used to it, I'll have an easier time getting it in. Once in and open, it is very comfortable, and I'd buy it again. I'm especially tempted by the blue sparkle cup! :) Feminine Wear also included a little gift of what I call the menstrual cup coasters, which are such a great idea (little paper discs for you to rest your cup on -- thank you!!

Reviewer: Yulia from Spain   5 Stars
For me this cup in S turned out to be my favorite and the most used. I started out with Meluna classic in S and it worked fine but I found it a little too stiff so I tried the same cup in Soft, and I’m so glad I did. Although it does take a little bit of an effort to pop it open, once inside it’s a lot more comfortable to wear and I don’t feel it at all. Also it seems to hold a little bit more fluid before it starts leaking than the classic one, and removing it is a breeze. I have light to medium flow and can usually go full 12 hours without leakage although I prefer empting the cup every 5-6 hours when possible. However when I know I won’t be able to empty the cup for many hours I’d go with a different cup with higher capacity, usually a small Sckoon. My only wish would be for the holes to be placed higher like in Sckoon cups, so that the same cup would hold more, other than that it’s a perfect cup and if you like soft cups, I’d highly recommend this one!

Reviewer: Belle from Wales   5 Stars
Have now been using a small MeLuna cup for about four months and wish I had made the switch years ago. Some reviewers have had trouble getting the cup out so I was a little worried, but the cup can only really go so far and relaxing helps to drop it down enough to grip the ball or ring on the end. Of course, if you're panicking because you can't reach it, then relaxing is not so easy, but it DOES work! It was fiddly at first and I wasn't sure about it but now I never have any issues and LOVE the freedom that the cup presents. No more carrying tampons about and having to guess when they might need changing. I have a variable period but can keep a cup in for 12 hours without any leakage, which is so much less hassle than regularly changing a tampon. There's no string, so swimming and sunbathing are a breeze, and wearing a cup feels much 'cleaner' than tampons. At first I was a bit grossed out by all the blood upon removal, but the better I have got at inserting and removing the cup, the cleaner that has become too. My only complaint about this method is that you really need to change the cup in a toilet where washing facilities are very close by and preferably private, because you need to empty the cup and then ideally wash it out before re-inserting. Wiping does work but it's not as effective and can be messy. However I've never had to change a cup in a public restroom for instance, simply because you can wear it for so long that it's easy to plan around this. All in all, a wonderful, convenient, planet-saving move that all women should be encouraged to make.

Reviewer: Eleanor from Southampton   5 Stars
I love my me luna soft cup. I had previously used a large me luna as me luna's own website suggested I would need a large. However, I found it uncomfortable and irritating. After speaking to Teresa at Feminine Wear, she suggested I go down to the medium and try a soft cup instead. Hey presto! Totally comfortable and just a fantastic replacement for tampons and sanitary pads. When I am out and about, I don't need to worry about carrying tampons to change, as it is so easy to empty my cup and pop in back in. Wish I'd started using one sooner!

Reviewer: amelia from barnsley   5 Stars
Just arrived today. Takes a faff around getting it in and it took a lot of manoeuvring to get it to 'pop' open. However, once it's in, I don't feel it at all, the silver glitter is cute and it came with a little bag, sticky notes and some sweeties :) Great service from the website but I'd be tempted to get a classic if I could go back. The soft is too soft for easy insertion.

Reviewer: Bryony from kingston   5 Stars
i'm 15 and i love,love, LOVE this cup! really easy to insert and i haven't had many problems getting it to open up using the punch down method. overall great cup!

Reviewer: Melissa from Liverpool   5 Stars
I'm 17 and bought a small meluna soft firstly because it was one of the cheaper cups and secondly because meluna offer so much choice. The colour is really fun and I can't feel it at all when its inside which is something I was worried about. I found getting it to unfold very frustrating at first but got there eventually with tips from my big sister the cup expert lol for a first cup I'm pretty pleased I'll definately never go back to tampons!

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