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Me Luna Classic Shorty Menstrual Cup - Ball Style - Clear
Our Price: £11.00
There are 4 “normal” sizes of MeLuna and now 4 SHORTY sizes. 
Shorty S has the same diameter as normal size S. 
Shorty M has the same diameter as normal M. 
Shorty L has the same diameter as normal L. 
Shorty XL has the same diameter as normal XL.

The length is 30% shorter than the normal MeLuna. 

Me Luna Shorty Small


Each Menstrual cup comes with a Me Luna purple microfibre bag.


Customer Reviews
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Reviewer: Yulia from Spain   4 Stars
For me it’s a great cup for the last days of period with very light flow or to use before the period starts just to be prepared. Since it’s so small I don’t feel it at all but it does its job and protects from spotting or occasional discharge. I also have this model in Soft, and rather prefer it to the Classic, since the small Classic Mini is stiffer than small Classic in regular shape (similar to Sport perhaps?), and small Soft Mini is what feels more like Classic stiffness in regular shape. Both of them pop open extremely well, and although Classic Mini is a little too stiff to the touch, once inside I can’t feel it at all and it works perfectly. However I tend to use small Soft Mini more since it’s softer I find it gentler and less intrusive to the body.