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Me Luna Classic Menstrual Cup - Clear - Ball Style
Our Price: £12.00

Me Luna Classic - it is soft and has good elasticity. It is suitable for most women. It is easy to use.

Me Luna menstrual cups are made in Germany. They are small, cup like sanitary products for women - an environmentally friendly alternative to disposable pads or sanitary towels. They are made from Thermoplastic Elastomer, also known as TPE. 

Me Luna classic menstrual cups are available in:
8 sizes – small, medium, large and XL, plus shorty versions of each size
4 styles - basic style, ball style, ring style and stem style
8 colours – clear, violet, red, orange, green, blue, black and blue glitter

Me Luna Measurements Basic Length Ring Length Ball Length Stem Length Diameter Capacity
(to the holes)
(to the rim)
Small 45mm 55mm 53mm 57mm 38mm 15ml 23ml
Medium  48mm 60mm 57mm 61mm 41mm 20ml 28ml
Large 51mm 66mm 62mm 66mm 44mm 24ml 34ml
XL 56mm 69mm 65mm 71mm 47mm 30ml 42ml
SHORTY Small 35mm 45mm 42mm 47mm 38mm 8ml 15ml
SHORTY Medium 38mm 48mm 45mm 51mm 41mm 10ml 18ml
SHORTY Large 41mm 52mm 48mm 55mm 44mm 14ml 22ml
SHORTY XL 44mm 55mm 52mm 59mm 47mm 16ml 27ml

Customer Reviews
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Reviewer: Beth from UK   5 Stars
For all of my teenage years of menstruation, I have felt horrible. I thought I had a heavy flow and I ALWAYS got sore and itchy during my cycle. I felt so uncomfortable. Then I found menstrual cups on the internet. I had never been told about them before. I got interested and purchased one a few months back, just after midday. It arrived the next morning (big thumbs up for the speedy delivery as standard). Then I waited for my VERY irregular cycle to come. I have now had 3 periods since and in all honesty, these have been the easiest periods I have ever had. I have had ZERO irritation. That is no dryness, no itchyness, no soreness. Nothing. Barely even cramped. I haven't purchased a single pad or tampon. I used to think I had a heavy flow, turns out it was the irritation and the lack of capacity in a tampon/pad that made me feel awkward. I have never filled the cup or had a single leak. I don't have a bad word to say about these cups. And they're cheap! I am 20 and I purchased a purple, medium cup with the ring. I was going to purchase the small, but I thought my flow was too heavy for the capacity. To be honest, it would have easily held it. I don't feel that the medium is uncomfortable though. I always forget I am wearing it. I literally cannot enthuse enough about this. I just wish I would have been told about it when I was younger. If you are considering buying this, just do it! It will change your attitude towards the burden of periods. I don't have to worry now :)

Reviewer: Belle from Wales   5 Stars
Using this for the first time and I'm 50. On the whole I am very pleased. Pros: 1 It is easy to insert (with a little lubricant) and easier than I feared to remove. Just relax the vaginal muscles while you reach inside. I tied a string to mine for the first day, just in case! Bought one with a ring on it, which I thought would be easy to grip, and it has proved to be the case. 2 Does not leak. I imagine those that do are either the incorrect size or have not been inserted fully. I have the small and was surprised by how large it is. About the size of an egg cup! 3 Comfortable if inserted properly. I was nervous to do so at first and it was a little lumpy, but now fine. 4 Can be worn for far longer than a tampon 5 Looking forward to not having to dispose of my used tampons - especially when not at home. Always feel terrible about flushing them. 6 Avoids that horrible dry-tampon feel. 7 No-strings swimming! Cons 1 I ordered the 'clear' and after only three days it is already looking discoloured despite washing it each time with soap and water, which is not what you want in a hygiene-sensitive product! Wish I had ordered red now. 2 It's almost impossible to remove, empty and clean without getting a little blood on your fingers at the very least. 3 Having taken it out, I would be reluctant to reinsert without proper washing facilities. I don't feel that a quick wipedown with a moist tissue is enough. This obviously requires washing facilities to be present, which may not always be the case if you are away from home, or may not be in the same place as the toilet, so PLAN your changeover and have toilet tissue handy for holding/wrapping/wiping. 4 Slight discomfort taking it out, but relaxation is the key. 5. Take care when removing that you hold the cup upright. I hadn't expected the contents to be so liquid and had some spillage! For the same reason, remove smoothly and carefully. Conclusion. If you have been used to using non-applicator tampons, a cup shouldn't be a problem. If you haven't then I imagine it would be a bit of a shock as it IS a bit messy. I strongly advise that you get used to it at home and preferably before starting your period, so that your first proper use is as hassle-free as possible. I'll always keep an emergency tampon just in case of loss, or springing a leak, but I do feel this is a good product that will improve my experience of my period.

Reviewer: Michelle P from Southampton, UK   5 Stars
Hi, I have just discovered the wonder of these amazing products. For 25 years I have been using conventional Tampons and Pads. When I first saw the product I thought 'How the heck is this going to fit' but it folds easily for insertion and opens out once inside (but I don't feel it happen) I was surprised how quickly I got the hang of inserting it and I don't even feel it when its in place (unlike regular tampons.) The material is not only flexible but also smooth and unlike regular tampons there is no discomfort when removing it. Last night I used it and no leakage at all :) It does not matter if your flow is heavy or light (no more guess work on what size tampon to use!) The cup can be removed empty or full and no discomfort at all. These products really are a revelation in Menstrual products. I will never go back to tampons. The service I received from 'Feminine wear' was outstanding. Helpful, friendly and informative. If you are sceptical about trying one of these, just give it a try... They really are fantastic. Thank you so much

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