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Lunette Menstrual Cups
Lunette Menstrual Cups
Lunette Menstrual Cups
Lunette Menstrual Cups
Lunette Menstrual Cups
Lunette Menstrual Cups
Our Price: £22.50

The Lunette menstrual cup is a new kind of sanitary protection made in Finland. It is an easy-to-use, safe and hygienic alternative to pads and tampons. Using the cup protects the environment, saves money and gives you peace of mind.

It is made from 100% medical grade silicone, is hypoallergenic and latex-free. The Lunette is cost-effective and environmentally friendly and, with proper care, can last for 5-10 years.
The Lunette menstrual cup doesn't change the natural moisture level of the vagina or dry out mucous membranes and can be used during all physical activities. The cup is inserted in the vagina where it is kept in place by the vaginal muscles. On average you will need to empty the cup 2-4 times per 24 hours. After emptying, rinse the cup carefully in soap and water or boil briefly in plenty of water.

Model 1 Dimensions:
Diameter: 41 mm
Height (excluding stem): 47 mm
Length of stem: 25 mm
Total volume: 25 ml 

Model 2 Dimensions:
Diameter: 46 mm
Height (excluding stem): 52 mm
Length of stem: 20 mm
Total volume: 30 ml 

Model 1 is recommended for women with light periods, younger women or women who have never had intercourse.
Model 2 is recommended for women who have a normal or a heavier flow.

Each Lunette comes in a box, with a satin menstrual cup storage bag.

WARNING: Use of this product may give rise to a haughty kind of confidence, which may cause the user to smirk uncontrollably. This in turn may also lead to open discussion of menstruation. Bless your cotton socks!

Customer Reviews
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Reviewer: Emily from Aberystwyth   5 Stars
I ordered the Model 1 Selene. I love it! I cannot recommend this product highly enough. This cup is such a game changer. Once you get past the learning curve, nothing can stop you. (In my experience, I learned after one or two insertions.) I'm surprised not many are aware of this product. It is so much better for your health, the environment and of course, your purse than disposable pads and tampons. Brilliant company, brilliant quality and fast shipping. A very happy customer.

Reviewer: Annie from Leeds   5 Stars
Really fast delivery and it came with a pack of love heart sweets! Thank you ever so much! I can't wait to try it out! x

Reviewer: Trixie from Staffordshire   5 Stars
This is my first menstrual cup, I'm 20 and have no kids also a virgin but I did buy the larger size of the menstrual cup mainly because I have heavy periods. I normally used tampons but decided to change once I heard of reusable menstrual cup. The first day, i thought I might have bought the wrong size since it managed to collect a lot of blood making me think my periods are not as bad as I think. As the days went it got stronger and in the end I have to change regularly since I kept leaking due to the fact the cup was full. It is a very comfortable cup, there might be a different brand which would be best for heavier periods but as this was a recommended brand by many users I opt for this. I have no complaints other than leaking but that is my own problem not the cups. It is very comfortable, takes a while to learn the best fold and how to remove it. Overall very comfortable don't feel it when I walk etc. I would buy some pantyliners due to the leaking issues if you do have heavier periods. I would definitely recommend this product.

Reviewer: Mai from Iceland   5 Stars
I love this cup! I've only been using cups for some four months now and bought different ones to try (this is the fourth I try. I also got a Ruby Cup at the same time but I'm still testing it), and this one is my absolute favourite; I think it might be the ultimate cup for me! From the first attempt it has gone in without trouble and opens easily, which has never happened with any of my other cups!. I have a low cervix and have experienced pain and discomfort with other menstrual cups, but nothing with this one! Took a long walk and I couldn't even feel it. I was worried about the stem, but I can't feel it at all, neither while sitting down or standing. It will be put to the ultimate test this week as I'm going to my great-uncle's farm to help out during the sheep birthing season. The colour is absolutely beautiful, too!

Reviewer: Lucy from UK   5 Stars
Absolutely brilliant cup, perfect size for me (I got smaller size) and has completely changed my relationship with my period. Could not recommend enough! Also lovely colour

Reviewer: Teresa from Feminine Wear   5 Stars
Lunette was one of the first menstrual cups that I tried around 2 years ago and I have used it regularly since, alternating with another brand, as well as cloth pads. Because I am 47 years old and have 4 children I use a larger size. Lunette recommends this size for me and also because of my heavy periods. On day one I am very heavy so I need a high capacity cup. With the model 2 Lunette I empty it during the night but it still holds a large amount of liquid. I like the fact that the holes are near to the top, it means that it doesn't leak unless it is full. The Lunette model 2 is too long for me and I could feel the stem protruding so I trimmed it, using nail scissors, and it no longer bothers me. I think, in hindsight, I may have cut too much off as I could now really do with a little more stem to grab hold of. My advice is to cut a little bit off as you can always cut more later. Once you have cut the stem you can't stick it back on! The Lunette Cup is quite firm and pops open very easily, I never have to coax it open, and I like that. It is really easy to clean and hasn't stained in the 2 years. I love this cup!

Reviewer: Abbie from Nottingham   5 Stars
I'm 24 with no kids and had allergies to tampons so was only able to use disposables pads, which were sweaty, itchy and uncomfortable, until i discovered reusable products. I have been using menstrual cups for about a year and a half now. I started out with a different brand cup and wasn't quite happy with it as it was prone to leaking and i could feel it while it was inside which was uncomfortable, so I did some research and 3 months ago I purchased a small lunette. It's literally perfect. The small lunette's rim is 41mm and the silicone is very smooth both inside and out which makes cleanings lot easier and insertion/removal a lot less awkward, the holes are also higher than a lot of cups which lets it make the most of its considerable capacity which is 20ml, much higher than a lot of the small size cups. With my first cup I noticed that my cramps had all but disappeared and my flow became very slightly lighter over time but with this cup not only are my cramps a thing of the past but my period is now a whole 2 days shorter! I never leak and its so comfy I often forget its in! I will never ever go back to disposables ever again! I have bought a couple of cloth pantyliners to back up the cup just in case and because the pads and pantyliners on this site look so cool and comfy, but overall the lunette is the way to go, no more pain, itchiness, or discomfort, i can go swimming, do sports and wear whatever i want without being self conscious, I almost enjoy my period now!

Reviewer: Essie from UK   4 Stars
So, this is the second menstrual cup I have bought from Feminine Wear (awesome service!). Thought I'd add my little review. It's a great cup, and really comfortable to use. I have had no leaks with this - although since starting to use menstrual cups I have discovered that I am actually quite light: I thought I was medium to heavy but no! Another great side effect of using menstrual cups. I have the larger of the two sizes - I have two children, and am 37. The only thing I would add is that I was getting some discomfort from this cup until I trimmed the stem. Amazing what a difference that tiny snip made!

Reviewer: Catherine from USA (Staten Island, NY)   5 Stars
MY DETAILS: 38 years old, no children, high cervix, very light period. (Back when I was a tampon user, I could wear a Regular O.B. tampon almost all day, except on my heaviest day.) I have been a very happy Lunette Selene (small) user for about a year and a half. The first menstrual cup that I tried was a different brand, and I found it very uncomfortable, creating a chafing sensation inside me and around my vaginal opening, which made me think at first that cups were not going to work for me. Then I did some research online, and decided to give the small Lunette a try, and what a difference! Something about the surface of the silicone of the Lunette is just so much more comfortable than the other cup I had been using, most of the time I cannot feel it at all. The silicone is nice and soft, the cup usually pops open about a minute after I have inserted it, once I've walked around a bit, but this is not a problem for me. The only problem I have encountered with the Lunette was that I would sometimes struggle with removal because I could not reach the tip of the stem, because my cervix is rather high. I invested in two other cups that are longer in the body and tried them out, but in the end I still prefer the Lunette because of its comfort, and I learned to use my muscles to bear down and push the cup closer when it's time for removal... this technique has solved the problem. I would recommend the Small Lunette to anyone, especially first time cup users.

Reviewer: Steph from UK   5 Stars
I'm 30 and no kids. I've always had heavy periods, tampons and pads leaked consistently to the point that I would cry with frustration at having to change my underwear and clothing frequently despite timely changing and repositioning. I'm 24 hours in to using my cup, I've checked it a few times (mostly due to curiousity) and I'm in love. I thought I'd be squeamish about having to clean it but to be honest I just feel more connected to my body. I've been checking it every six hours or so and it's not even half full. 100% recommend this product :)

Reviewer: Alex from Derby   5 Stars
I started using a cup perhaps 6 or 7 months ago. After researching quite a bit into which cup I liked the look of most and compared it in size etc to other available cups I chose Lunette. I chose the Cynthia - Purple because it didn't seem as clinical as the clear ones and it's also my favourite colour! I'm using the larger size because of my age and it is very comfortable. The type of comfortable that once it's in I honestly can't tell it's there. Having said that, I must confess that I did trim off all of my stem because I could feel that. Though, I can still get it out easily as the grab rings at the bottom of the cup provide excellent grip. Since I got my Lunnete when putting the it in it has opened for me straight away about 90% of the time - I am still learning. At the moment I'm playing around with a fold that's half way between a C and a punchdown and this month that has worked every time. I am fortunate that my periods aren't very heavy, most days I reach the first marker on the cup. Which is reassuring for me as there is still a lot of capacity in the cup should I have a really heavy day. I particularly like the fact that I can wear this cup a lot longer than a tampon, as it means that I don't have to empty my cup whilst at work (as I'm a teacher this is particularly useful as I'm on the go all day). I did also buy the Lunette care kit, and the wipes are very helpful if I am out all day, or staying somewhere where I don't know what to expect. I love this cup. I certainly won't be shopping around to get a different one.

Reviewer: Zella from Northamptonshire   5 Stars
I am using my Lunette for the first time today and I am very impressed with it! I'm 46 and have not had children but I chose the larger size because I have fibroids that cause heavy periods from day one. I was using another menstrual cup previously which was softer but I prefer the firmness of the Lunette as it is easier to insert and open. I chose the purple Cynthia as it was my favourite of the colours offered. I have been told that I have a longer vaginal canal when having my smear as they need to use a different speculum and I think this might be the reason that I have not needed to trim the stem. I will be spreading the word where I can!

Reviewer: Melissa from USA   5 Stars
I purchased a model 2 Lunette Cynthia from Feminine Wear about a year ago. I had previously used a small Diva for a bit before that and thought if was just "okay". I am 25 with no kids, but a heavy flow and from my experience, believed I'd do better with the firmer cup. This cup is by far my favorite! I want one in every color. If only I had the cash. Anyways, my experience with Feminine Wear was great. I could not find a better price for this product and the shipping was pretty quick.

Reviewer: Tegan from Australia   5 Stars
I love my Lunette Purple Cynthia, I am 29 and I chose the size 2 as I have had children. I had to completely cut the stem off to be comfortable but the cup size itself is perfect in fit and capacity. I also like that it doesn't cause any dryness like tampons can which was one thing I had trouble with on my lighter days. Feminine Wear had the best price I could find online, even including postage to Australia and it arrived really quickly. Thank you!

Reviewer: Kate from Birmingham   5 Stars
Been using the lunette for 4 months and I'm really pleased, definitely never going back to tampons / pads. The cup seems really good quality, the colour is lovely. I've not had any problems inserting or removing and I can't feel it at all whilst I'm wearing it. So pleased to reduce waste and save the planet. Plus as you can wear it for 12 hours so I find it saves me time as I just empty it twice a day and forget about it the rest of the time! I'm spreading the word amongst my friends :D

Reviewer: Kim from UK   5 Stars
This was my first menstrual cup, I got the model 1 when I was 15 and loved it ever since! Not too stiff but not too soft, it's just so easy and convenient, it's just lovely!!!

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