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Links to more information about Reusable Menstrual Products

Places to find Feminine Wear -

Facebook - Please like our fan page for all of the latest news

Facebook Forum - The place to chat, ask questions and share information 

Twitter - This is where you will find up chatting away at odd times of the day or night. Come and join us

Flickr - This is where you can find a vast library of photographs that we have taken. Mainly of our products but you'll find some other interesting things as well

Pinterest - We pin about life, menstruation, menstrual cups, cloth pads and other random interests. The Cloth Pad Tutorials Board is very popular

LiveJournal - We have a profile on LiveJournal where you can add us as a friend

Forums -

LiveJournal Menstrual Cup Forum - A goldmine of information about menstrual cups. Use the tabs along the right hand side to filter the posts

Easycup Forum - le site francophone des utilisatrices de coupes menstruelles

LiveJournal Cloth Pad Forum - Ask any question you have about cloth pads and receive answers from the people that make them and use them


Resources -

LiveJournal Menstrual Cup Size Charts - Compare the brands using the different charts on this page

Menstrual Cup Squish Test Results - How squishy is your menstrual cup compared to other brands?

Menstrual Cup Stiffness Chart - Another version of the squishiness chart. How soft or stiff are the different brands of menstrual cup? 

First Blood - When your daughter bleeds for the first time this marks a significant change – she can now conceive, carry and bear a child. She joins an international sisterhood of fertile women. She takes a very special step on her journey toward womanhood.

Blog reviews -

Brink of Bedlam - We donated a Mimi's Dreams Rainbow Starter pack for a review

White Lily Green - We donated a Mooncup for this review

Becoming Crunchy - Can I have a green period, too?


Environmental Websites -

My Zero Waste - Read about the Green family and how they have reduced their waste. We love this article by Mrs Green

The Green Familia - The light green shopping blog

The Rubbish Diet - Why not try a rubbish diet and slim your bin? 

Local websites -

Hampshire Homebirths - Eleanor May-Johnson Independent Midwife based in Hampshire, UK.

Mikaela Morgan - Recommended Photographer, based in Hertfordshire

Strictly Boudoir - Mikaela Morgan Boudoir Photography, based in Hertfordshire