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LaliCup Menstrual Cup
LaliCup Menstrual Cup
LaliCup Menstrual Cup
LaliCup Menstrual Cup
LaliCup Menstrual Cup
LaliCup Menstrual Cup
Our Price: £24.00
The LaliCup is made from soft, very flexible silicone.
Packaged in a box, the LaliCup menstrual cup comes with instructions and lovely zipper pouch for storing the cup.
  • AWARD WINNING DESIGN - Thanks to the innovative design, Lalicup has a larger capacity than other cups and can be used without leaks even with heavier menstrual flows. It has a unique base designed with your comfort in mind - just wide enough to easily hold during removal, and easy to check if it has unfolded properly after insertion. No wonder it's been called a "dream cup" and "top 3 menstrual cup of all time" by so many reviewers.
  • 100% SAFE - Lalicup is made in the EU from super smooth, medical grade silicone and does not cause allergies, rashes or yeast infections. It has a soft and elastic stem, which makes the use completely comfortable and facilitates an easy removal of the cup.
  • GENTLE & ECO-FRIENDLY - Lalicup does not cause dryness or irritate the vaginal mucosa, which are common problems with traditional feminine hygiene products and with the proper maintenance it can be safely used for years.
  • UNIQUELY VERSATILE - Lalicup has a carefully designed base, that prevents the cup from rotating inside the vagina, which can sometimes happen with other cups and can be used safely while sleeping, travelling, during sports activities and even swimming.
The Lalicup is available in 5 colours - clear, red, green, blue and black and in 3 sizes - small, medium and large

Model Small
Recommended for women with light menstrual flow and strong vaginal muscles, women with very sensitive bladder and virgins (also the ones with heavy menstrual flow). It is made of soft, very flexible silicone.
Capacity: 27.4ml
Diameter: 40.3mm
Length: 46mm
Stem: 25.5mm

Model Medium
Recommended for women with medium to heavy menstrual flow.
Capacity: 36.5ml
Diameter: 44.2mm
Length: 51mm
Stem: 22mm

Model Large
Recommended for older women with weaker vaginal muscles, women with heavy menstrual flow and women who have given birth vaginally.

Capacity: 41.3ml
Diameter: 46.6mm
Length: 54mm
Stem: 19 mm

The measuring lines for capacity with millilitres is written on external side of the cup:
Model S has 2 lines: for 5ml and 15ml
Model M has 2 lines: 5ml and 15ml
Model L has 2 lines: 10ml and 20ml


Customer Reviews
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Reviewer: Akari Findlay-Robinson from Essex   5 Stars
I was dubious of trying another cup, as other cups had not lived up to my expectations. My periods are quite heavy for two days so I was a bit anxious. This cup passed with flying colours, first I can't feel it when inserted, also I have a low cervix and wanted to make sure this cup would work for me. I emptied the cup on a break at work and I didn't need to. I could wear this cup for upto 10 hours without emptying it. I didn't cut the stem, I just tucked it inside. Due to my job, there are few toilets around. By the time I got home I emptied the cup again. This cup never leaked and it is a medium sized cup and can hold quite a large amount of fluid. This is definitely my goldilocks cup!!!!

Reviewer: Suzie from Maryland   5 Stars
I won a LaliCup in a giveaway (thanks so much, Feminine Wear) and I have been really happy with it! I got the size small black. I have been using it with no leaks thus far and the size is plenty large for my light/moderate flow to last me all day or all night long. The stem is long and very flexible - I usually cut stems off because they poke me, but I can't feel this one at all so I've left it uncut. The cup is smooth, but the ridges at the bottom make it easy to grab to remove. My only caveat would be that this cup wouldn't be great for first-time cup users because it is *very* soft - softer than my MeLuna Soft because the rim is very flexible as well. That is great in that it doesn't press on my bladder and I can't feel it at all once inserted, but it does make it tricky to insert. I've found that running it under cold water and letting it pop open when it's partially inserted helps with the process. Overall, I'm very pleased with it and will definitely be a repeat customer!

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