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Fleurcup Menstrual Cup - Clear
Our Price: £11.00

Safe : the Fleurcup menstrual cup is made 100% out of medical silicone, without phthalates, without bisphenol A, without latex and without perfume. Fleurcup is hypoallergenic. The colours used are also used in the medical sector. Your health and hygiene are therefore guaranteed.
Reliable : the Fleurcup menstrual cup offers full protection. And given that the fluid is not in contact with the air, there are no unpleasant smells.
Practical : the Fleurcup menstrual cup, protected by a pouch, is easy to carry in your handbag. It is perfect for travelling. It can be used day and night and most women only need to empty their Fleurcup twice a day.
Comfortable : the Fleurcup menstrual cup is easy to insert and remove. Once in position, you will quickly forget it. Its shape and suppleness mean it perfectly adapts to women's vaginal walls leaving you absolute freedom for all types of activities, during your period.
Economical : a woman will use approximately 12000 tampons or pads in her life ! The Fleurcup menstrual cup can be used for several years, saving you lots of money !
Ecological : the Fleurcup menstrual cup is environmentally friendly. No more useless packaging (boxes, plastic protection, plastic sachets…), no more tampons flushed down the toilet, no more pads in dustbins… or anywhere in the nature !
Sensual : thanks to the Fleurcup menstrual cup even during your period you can wear your finest lingerie, sleep naked at night, wear light coloured clothes… in short, remain as comfortable or seductive as you please ! No need to hide the little tampon string or wear large underclothes to hold a pad in place ! All for your personal pleasure… and your partner’s.

The Small Fleurcup menstrual cup is adapted to adolescents, young ladies and for light flow periods.
The Large Fleurcup is adapted to women who have already given birth or who have heavy-flow periods.

Fleurcup Measurements
Cup Length - 47mm
Stem Length - 23mm
Total Length - 70mm
External Diameter - 41mm
Internal Diameter - 32mm
Capacity to the holes - 20ml
Capacity to the rim - 24.5ml

Cup Length - 52mm
Stem Length - 18mm
Total Length - 70mm
External Diameter - 46mm
Internal Diameter - 37mm
Capacity to the holes - 28.5ml
Capacity to the rim - 34ml


Customer Reviews
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Reviewer: Cat from London, UK   4 Stars
This is my backup cup, and I like it quite a bit! It has a nice shape that's very similar to the Si-Bell, but it's a bit firmer, which makes it easier to pop open. I only knocked a star off because the grip rings at the bottom are, well, REALLY prominent! I suppose if you can't get by without grip rings, then this is definitely the cup for you, but for me they're just too big. I use it flipped inside out, which makes it much more comfortable for me.

Reviewer: Amy from Canada   5 Stars
I love the large fleurcup for light days or days at home where I can empty regularly. Soft enough to insert easily but firm enough to pop open. Definitely a good starter cup extra to have on hand as the price is so good.

Reviewer: Jill K from Canada   5 Stars
WOW!! I have been using cups for over a decade now and have always had some issues with leaks. This cup was in my stash, unused and ignored for over a year and I finally pulled it out this week and no leaks! Not one! Super comfortable, pops right open and I love the stem...really easy to grip. This is by far my fav!!

Reviewer: Lois from Doncaster   5 Stars
I have loads of cups because I have been searching for my perfect "goldilocks" cup. Ideally, I would use a small cup but I need the capacity of a large cup. I ordered size L to cope with my heavy flow on days when I'm out of the office and I don't get many chances to empty my cup. The design of this cup maximises capacity so it holds more than other brands of cup with the same dimensions. The silicon feels lovely. It is frosted with a "peach skin" finish and it's very smooth. The silicon is nice and soft and squishy but the cup pops open easily because of the width of the flared rim, without being so firm that it's uncomfortable. Fleurcup is softer (and therefore more comfortable for me) and has higher capacity than a size 2 Lunette. The grip rings around the base are very raised and grippy, which makes removal easy but I don't find them irritating. I had to trim a few mm off the stem because it was a bit pokey but I do that with most of my cups. I like this cup so much that I have ordered the small size for low cervix days because it has a higher capacity than many large size cups, without the length. Teresa's customer service is perfect. Everything I order from arrives very quickly and I really appreciate her attention to detail. I'm a very happy customer. PS The ladybug triangle bag goes beautifully with this cup too.

Reviewer: Thalia from London   4 Stars
I bought another brand before this one as a starter cup and found it a little uncomfortable (it's a one-size cup). I decided to try a Fleurcup in a small and have found it much more comfortable and easier to use than my original choice. The look of the Fleurcup could be improved, but for me, it works a treat.

Reviewer: J from Canada   4 Stars
I've had this cup for about a half a year now. I'm 19 and I get a medium light flow. I find this cup is easy to get in and out with no leaks at night or at the gym. The ribs on the cup and the stem are fantastic. I did cut the stem down to only one rib, because I found it irritating, it works well. My only complaint about this cup is that the material feels cheap. It picks up a lot of dust and the seams are very pronounced on the rim and on the sides. Its a good inexpensive cup, but you do get what you pay for.

Reviewer: Kara from Scotland   4 Stars
The cup itself feels quite soft but it has enough resistance that it should pop open once inserted without too much trouble. I had to trim the stem slightly, it's not as soft as the rest of the cup and I found it irritating but I didn't have to take much off. I use this on my heavy days or overnight and it's fantastic, the only leaks I've had have been when it's full. I'm 22 and don't have children but I got a large because I have a heavy flow and I've had no problems with it. If I had to make a criticism, it would be that the angled holes can be tricky to clean, but that's really a minor issue - this cup is lovely

Reviewer: Celia from Scotland   5 Stars
As a specialist nurse working long , often hectic shifts I was looking for a heavy duty cup to cope with my heavy days , tried many with little success ......... Then I read on an internet blog about the fleur cup turned inside out ..... Omg this cup rocks ! It's comfortable , discrete , high capacity and soft , but not too soft to pop open ! Used with my Ruby for lighter days periods are now sorted ! Teresa your service is excellent btw nothing else could top it !

Reviewer: Selena from USA   5 Stars
I'm so excited!! I ordered on the twenty-second of May and it arrived (alone with some other items) on the third of June - that's ten days. I was a bit worried about how long it would take because of the lack of US reviews, but I'm so, so, so happy! I haven't had a chance to try my cup out yet because I'll be using the softcups for this next cycle (I'll be overseas and I do NOT want to risk losing something so amazing because there will be no way to get it back), but I'll be sure to test it out as soon as I get home. Thank you so much for having this site up. I've wanted to have a cup for about a year now, but I've never found them available around my area for a good price.

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