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Femmecup Menstrual Cup
RRP: £21.99
Our Price: £15.00

The Femmecup is a soft reusable menstrual cup - an alternative to tampons, it is made from FDA approved medical grade silicone.  It is worn internally but unlike a tampon it collects the flow instead of absorbing it. It is around 5cm in length and holds around 30ml of fluid (approximately one third of your entire monthly flow).  Femmecup is non-absorbent so it can be left in place for up to 12 hours with no risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome.  Femmecup is available in one size, so it's easy to purchase with no need to study any charts for sizing information.

The average woman uses 11,000 tampons and pads in her lifetime.  This waste and the associated packaging all end up flushed down the toilet or dumped in landfill sites.  Femme cup produces no waste at all; imagine the difference women could make to the environment if they all use Femmecup instead.

The Femmecup is packaged in a bag.

Diameter 45mm
Total Length 50mm
Length of stem 15mm
Total Capacity 30ml
Capacity to the holes 18ml

 "Thank you so much, my Femmecup turned up on Wednesday with the cleaning kit. I can't say enough how fast your service is, I'll definitely recommend your shop to my friends."

"My femmecup made it to my post office Saturday, but I was out of town so just picked it up today. I am SO happy with it! And I love that a candy cane was in the package:-) How fun. It only took a week to get to Louisiana. Thanks so much."

Janey Loves Winner 2013


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Reviewer: Patricija from Odense, Denmark   5 Stars
This is my third menstrual cup and I absolutely love it, it is my favarite. Very nice quality, I also like ruby cup, but this one is enaugh for me even on strongest days. :)