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Menstrual Cup Frequently Asked Questions

How can I tell when my Mooncup is full?
The Mooncup will hold 30ml of fluid, which is roughly one third of the average total produced each period. You will probably find that you need to empty your Mooncup less frequently than you currently replace pads or tampons. It is not possible to see if the cup is full but if it's emptied regularly you shouldn't have a problem. If you are worried then try wearing a washable pantyliner as a backup to the Mooncup.

What is the MeLuna Menstrual Cup made of?
MeLuna is made from TPE (thermoplastic elastomer). TPE is a general term for a certain kind of thermoplastic (processed at high temperatures) elastomers, which belong to the group of elastic plastics. TPE was developed for medical instruments. The material can be sterilised and therefore qualifies for use in paediatric clinics and hospitals.  

I am worried about emptying my Mooncup at work. After I have emptied it would I have to carry it to the communal sinks to wash it out?
Mooncup have answered this question on their website. You can still use your Mooncup in Public toilets. Simply take a small bottle of water into the toilet with you and rinse it with this. Alternatively you can wipe with toilet paper and give your Mooncup a thorough clean at a more convenient time.
I bought the wrong size menstrual cup and it doesn't fit, can I exchange it?
I’m sorry but we don’t accept returns of any of our menstrual products, due to personal hygiene reasons. Please refer to our Returns Policy for more information.

You could also offer your secondhand cup for sale on the Menstrual Cup Sales Forum 

I read that the ring on the MeLuna can be used to attach string to make it easier to remove. Do you stock a specific string for this or would it be any soft string?
Yes you can use string to remove the MeLuna but tying the string to the ring is a bit complicated, especially while you are wearing it. If you think removal will be a problem then you would need to tie the string to the ring before you insert it. But, personally I feel that the ring style MeLuna is fairly easy to remove because of the ring. I don't sell the string but you can use any string, bearing in mind that string is wicking so the blood can travel up the string, increasing the risk of infection. If you do plan to try this method then I would recommend using plain dental floss.

And is the soft MeLuna much softer than a Mooncup? I have used a Mooncup for a few years now and still sometimes find it difficult to remove.
If you find the Mooncup difficult to remove then you may find that the MeLuna is easier, particularly if you choose the ring style. The MeLuna comes in 3 different softness styles, soft, classic and sport. The soft is the softest and the Sport if the firmest. The soft and the classic and softer than the Mooncup, you would notice the difference particularly in the rim. The Mooncup's rim is quite firm, which can make removal difficult. But, Mooncup have redesigned their cup and the newer version has a softer rim.

I wanted to buy a MeLuna cup but I'm not sure what size I would need to buy, I have a heavy flow most days but it varies occassionally. Do you have any size guides or information?
If you are interested in buying a MeLuna cup then they have an interactive size calculator to help you to choose the correct size for you. Please bear in mind that this is for guidance only but it is a good place to start. If you need any further help I have a forum group on facebook, the members there are really helpful and may be able to give you some extra advice.

I have a Mirena coil fitted and I have found that my period flow is on the low-side. It often is disrupted at night and sometimes takes mid-morning to start again. Is it possible to use a menstrual cup pre-emptively? Or do you have to wait until your flow starts to insert it?
Yes you can use your menstrual cup before your period starts, it's a great way to be prepared.

My daughter is 11 and wants to use a cup and I was wondering which type might be best for a newbie. :)
I would recommend that you have a look at The Virgin's Guide to Cups on The LiveJournal Menstrual Cup Forum. Also Bree has made a great video that may help - Can virgins use a menstrual cup?

It is really difficult for me to personally give advice on which menstrual cup to choose. I would recommend that you join the Facebook Forum Group where members are available to share helpful tips and their experiences with the products available.

Cloth Pad Frequently Asked Questions

Could you tell me how the 'wingless' cloth pads work? i.e. is there anything to keep them in place?
Wingless pads are designed for people that are sensitive to the wings (poppers in particular) digging in where they shouldn’t. Mainly cyclists, horse riders, that sort of activity. Others just prefer them.
If you wear tight fitting underwear then they should stay in place, but they are obviously more prone to slipping than pads with wings.

I notice that some of your pads don't have a plastic backing. Will I leak through the pad?
It depends on your flow. If you are very heavy then I would suggest a plastic backed pad. Look for PUL (polyurethane laminate) in the description, or Darlex. Wool also acts as a waterproof material.

How many pads will I need to buy?
That would depend on what you use them for and how heavy your flow is. There may be certain types of pads that you prefer for different times of the month i.e. pantyliners for between your period, thicker pads for the first couple of days or pretty pads for special occasions! I would suggest that you buy a couple to start you off and gradually increase your stock until you have enough.

Will the pads stain? I am worried that my neighbours will see the stains when I hang them on the line.
There is always a risk of staining with any pad. To avoid stains make sure than you change the pad regularly and rinse them or soak them in cold water straight away. There are several brands of stain remover on the market which you could use to treat the stain but be careful using chemicals on your pad. Bleach in particular will ruin your pad.
If you are worried about the neighbours then you could try using a dark coloured pad which won't show the stains. If you have a rotary line then you could turn the pad so that the stained part is facing another item of washing and won't show, or you could dry them indoors.
Better still, show them off, and be proud of your washable pads!

Have you any idea how much wear you can expect from these pads? 
I think it would depend on the individual pad, how it's treated and how often it is used. To prolong the pad's life I would advise washing it at 40 degrees, avoid bleaches or sprays and do not tumble dry or iron it. On the manufacturer's websites some give approximates of between 3 and 7 years. One company reports a pad "still alive" after 12 years!

I am going on holiday! Help, do I have to go back to disposable pads?
Only if you want to. Why not take a pile of pads with you and change them regularly and rinse them immediately after you change them. Soaking them may be a problem so make sure they are rinsed well. If you have your own room then try drying them on a radiator and reusing them. Let us know how it goes and have a good holiday!

Do cloth pads feel more bulky than disposable pads? And if you can feel the poppers when sat down?
That's a good question and really depends on which pad you go for. I personally cannot feel the poppers when I am sitting down but you may find them more noticeable if you ride a bicycle of go horse riding, for example. The pads are certainly not as bulky as the disposable pads that are on the market, unless you choose pads from the night or postnatal section. Those thicker pads are designed to hold a much heavier flow. If you choose pantyliners or regular pads then they shouldn't be bulky at all.

My 13 year old daughter has expressed an interest in your product, as I myself us a mooncup and she is keen to try something environmentally friendly. She in the first instance is would like to try a night time towel, but we find normal night time towels leak at the back and at the sides. Please can you suggest which towels would be best for her.
I would recommend the ImseVimse night pads. They are long at the front and back and also quite wide and have a PUL inner layer.