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Can I use a menstrual cup if I have an IUD fitted?

An IUD (Intrauterine Device) is a contraceptive device fitted into the uterus by your doctor. There are 2 types - IUDs containing copper and IUDs containing hormones. One brand of copper IUD is the Paragard and the only brand of hormone IUD is the Mirena Coil. Here are some photographs of each type.

Copper Paragard IUDHormone Mirena IUD


Dr. Weibe's study found that use of tampons or menstrual cups does not increase the risk of IUD expulsion. Use of tampons or menstrual cups does not increase the risk of early expulsion of an intrauterine device, according to findings of a retrospective cohort study of nearly 1,000 women

To read the study in full please go to the Family Practice website.

If you already use a menstrual cup, or you are planning to buy one, please check with each brand to see if they recommend using an IUD whilst wearing a menstrual cup. Some of the brands are listed below.


"It is not necessary to remove The DivaCup for urination or bowel movement; however, as The DivaCup sits low in the vaginal canal, it cannot be worn during intercourse. The DivaCup is not a birth control device and should not be used for this purpose. The DivaCup is regulated by the US FDA, Australian TGA and Health Canada solely for use as feminine hygiene protection.

Please note the following when using The DivaCup with an internal birth control device such as an IUD or NuvaRing®.

"The DivaCup is worn low at the base of the vagina and away from the cervix. This means that it should not interfere with an internal birth control device. However, please use caution when using any internal feminine hygiene product with an IUD as there is the possibility that they can be dislodged. When using The DivaCup, it is important to carefully follow the directions in our User Guide, paying close attention to inserting The DivaCup low in the vaginal canal and breaking the seal (suction) before removal. Many of our customers use The DivaCup with an IUD or NuvaRing® simultaneously, but we recommend that you become familiar with your birth control device’s risks (such as the body expelling the IUD, etc.).

"As with any gynecological concerns, please consult your physician prior to using any kind of internal feminine hygiene product, including a menstrual cup." 

Yes. It's safe and effective for use with an IUD.

We recommend that women using an intrauterine device or IUD talk to their doctor before using Softcup as there is a risk of dislodging or removing the IUD by pulling on the IUD string while removing the Softcup. Your doctor may be able to help you determine whether there are steps you may take to safely use the Softcup and your IUD simultaneously, such as trimming the IUD string.

We recommend you seek the advice of your medical practitioner/gynaecologist should you wish to use a menstrual cup in conjunction with your IUD. Should you choose to use JuJu in conjunction with you IUD, it is recommended you;

1. Wait 2 full cycles after the insertion of you IUD before using JuJu to give your IUD time to settle.

2. Place your JuJu low, near the vaginal opening, as the cervix and the IUD strings often sit lower during your period. You can also ask your doctor to trim the IUD strings if this is of concern to you.

3. Ensure you break the suction seal as per the removal instructions when removing your JuJu so as not to dislodge your IUD.

Yes, you can use Femmecup with an IUD (coil). Take care to position your cup correctly and have you IUD strings checked periodically by your GP. 

You can use your Lunette cup with an IUD or with a contraceptive ring. It may be helpful to discuss using them together with your doctor. The strings of the IUD should be cut as short as possible and you should monitor their length regularly during periods. If the strings seem longer than normal, it might be a sign that the IUD has moved.
A study made in Canada tells that the overall rate of IUD expulsion within 2 months of insertion was low (3.5%), and was statistically no higher for women who used tampons or menstrual cups than it was for their counterparts who used pads.

In principle, yes. If the string has not been cut short, be careful whenever you use MeLuna to prevent from removing the IUD from your uterus. The string must not be stuck between the MeLuna and your vaginal wall. It should remain inside the MeLuna cup. If you want to use MeLuna and an IUD, shortening of the string is recommended.

Miacup itself won't interfere with your IUD. The risk is that you accidentally dislodge or expel your IUD while removing Miacup. The likelihood of this occurring when using Miacup is similar to the likelihood when using tampons.

You can minimize the risk involved by remembering to place Miacup low down in your vagina and by always removing Miacup carefully: in particular, by making sure to first break the cup's suction seal before attempting to pull it out (see Removal & Reuse instructions for more information).

You may like to speak to your gynaecologist about trimming your IUD's strings. Doing so can help to prevent them from being tugged on. In any case, even when not using Miacup or tampons, it is always a good idea to regularly check for the presence of the IUD's strings to make sure that the IUD is still in place.

In short: Miacup may be used with an IUD, as long as it is always carefully used and as long as you realise that IUDs can very occasionally become dislodged: by the use of Miacup, by the use of tampons and even just on their own. ALWAYS consult your gynaecologist before using Miacup if you have any concerns or questions.


With correct positioning and usage the Mooncup can be used by women with an IUD. The IUD expulsion rate for all IUD users is around one in twenty (Mooncup user or not) within five years of the IUD being inserted (NICE guidelines CG30; 2005). You may choose to discuss this with your doctor/nurse/gynaecologist if you have concerns or you feel that your Mooncup may interfere with your IUD strings.

We would recommend;

•When an IUD has first been inserted, you should wait six weeks before using a Mooncup (or any internal sanitary protection)
•Remember to place the Mooncup low in the vagina and ensure you have an adequate seal
•It is important to always release the seal before removing a Mooncup
•After each period, check you can still feel the IUD strings. If you cannot feel them, you should contact your doctor

Yes, you can wear Naturcup with an IUD on. Be sure you place correctly the cup and make your gynaecologist check quite often which the strings’ position is. Strings should not be very long.

You can use the menstrual cup Si-Bell in addition to contraceptive means such as coil. However, we advise you to consult your doctor in order to be sure that you can use both at a time, without any intervention.


Frequently Asked Questions

I have a Mirena coil fitted and I have found that my period flow is on the low-side. It often is disrupted at night and sometimes takes mid-morning to start again. Is it possible to use a menstrual cup pre-emptively? Or do you have to wait until your flow starts to insert it?
Yes you can use your menstrual cup before your period starts, it's a great way to be prepared.